Hair Smoothing

BRAÉ Hair Smoothing 

Smooth hair can be yours thanks to the fabulous 'hair botox service' from BRAÉ.  Now available at The Nest Hair Salon in Dubai, our BRAÉ Hair Smoothing treatment combines active keratin ingredients and advanced technology to give you smoother hair for up to three months.

This keratin smoothing hair treatment delivers smooth, soft and silky hair with an impeccable shine too!

Book a hair smoothing consultation at The Nest Salon in Dubai today by calling +971 4 286 8818 or WhatsApp +971 58 543 3584. You can also book online.

Long-Lasting Smooth Hair

Our Braé Hair Smoothing treatment will give you long-lasting smoother hair for up to three months.

Your hair will be smoother and less frizzy and have a super shiny gloss that will be the envy of others!  The treatment usually takes around 1 hour to complete but it's important we can assess your hair so we can give you a better estimate of the timescale.

Book a complimentary consultation by calling The Nest Salon in Dubai on +971 58 543 3584 so we can explain the process, expected results, and give you a no-obligation quote.

We will also explain how to best look after your new super-smooth hair to ensure it lasts for as long as possible. 

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Hair Smoothing For All Hair Types

This fabulous keratin-enriched hair smoothing treatment is ideal for most hair types including virgin hair, naturally curly locks, coloured, and chemically-treated hair.

Your hair will be instantly smoother and you can, at last, say goodbye to frizzy and flyaway hair! BRAE hair smoothing is also effective in rebuilding damaged hair.  It uses hydrolyzed collagen to rebuild broken disulphide bonds in the hair, while also strengthening the hair fibre. 

If your hair is coloured, you may be happy to learn that this treatment will actually protect your colour and create shiny, repaired hair feels soft to the touch and looks much smoother. 

The results will depend upon your hair type and texture so it is important you book a hair smoothing consultation so we can manage your expectations.